Dr. Browne's life work is to serve. Working to enhance the lives of community members by first re-gathering and re-igniting the community. Rare xpsore is a FUN way to do so. We've built a strong mentorship network in support of our mission.

Our life enhancement program offers members the opportunity for supplemental learning via experience, exposure, and mentorship. We've worked to bridge the gap for those looking for more than typical methods.

Members. Mentors. Donors.

b. a. better u


Enroll in life enhancement

The life enhancement program offers supplemental education to individuals with talent and a goal. Our focus is getting you where you wanna go.

Members of this program enjoy access to our private network of pro-style coaches, scouts, and supporting professionals. This network is designed to guide and assist members in achieving their desired goals and aspirations.

Additionally, members gain access to cutting-edge health and wellness info, ensuring the most up-to-date knowledge in the field. Moreover, the program provides the opportunity to be paired with a mentor, offering ultimate support and guidance throughout the journey. With all these resources and support systems in place, the life enhancement program empowers individuals to reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.


When you become an enrolled member in our life enhancement program, you'll be guided every step of the way on the journey of reaching your goals. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month programs and receive your human assessment and plan.

Rare xposure has the teams, tools and networks necessary to show you how things are done at the highest level. We'll show you how to "b a better u," ensuring the best chance at reaching your highest potential.

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  • Access to supplemental education

  • Mentor pairing

  • Access and member pricing for private sessions & showcases

Program highlights

Members are eligible to participate in touring showcases!

children inside room
children inside room