Our program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to not only enhance their lives, but also prepare themselves for the rapidly evolving work and business landscape of the new world. The emphasis on exposure and experience as key learning methods ensures that interns gain practical knowledge and skills that are invaluable in the professional world.

Moreover, the program goes beyond theoretical learning by providing interns with the chance to gain real work experience, which is then documented in a digital portfolio. This portfolio serves as a testament to the intern's capabilities and allows for a seamless transition into the working world upon completion of the program. With this comprehensive approach, participants can confidently embark on their professional journeys and thrive in the ever-changing global marketplace.

person holding clapperboard
person holding clapperboard


  • 3 week cleanse & detox

  • 3 tiered system to accommodate all learning styles

  • Mission trip meet & greet located in Las Terrenas

Program highlights

  • Human assessment and plan formation

  • Financial literacy

  • Life enhancement skills

Choose a primary path

How to become a pro:

  • Athlete

  • Event production

  • Entrepreneur

  • Influencer

  • Gamer

  • Performer

  • Producer/production assistant

  • Physical therapist

  • Social Media

  • Vocal production

  • Web design

Were excited

We look forward to hearing your story as we expand our team of interns. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to join the family! If you've got talent and a dream, we've got a plan to help you achieve it. Cheers to living your dream, see you soon!

person sitting on gaming chair while playing video game
person sitting on gaming chair while playing video game